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Create a Complete Marketing Strategy in 2020

Posted by Lindsay Valenty on December 11, 2019 at 1:00 PM


New decade, new you — right? As you set out to market your new and existing properties this year, let's go over what strategies will garner you the best success in 2020 and beyond.


As you strategize your marketing campaigns for the year, keep in mind that most businesses dedicate about 10% of their gross annual revenue to marketing and PR campaigns for the year. Knowing that, and knowing what your goals are for the year will allow you to better plan how you can allocate those funds.


Know Who Your Buyers Are

Unless you know who you're marketing to, you can't begin to create content. Defining your audience by crafting buyer personas is a great way to get started. This critical step will allow you to narrow down the demographic you want to target as you market your property, and there are a variety of tools you can utilize to get started. 


HubSpot has a free template for download, or you could also request a FREE copy of our Buyer Persona Worksheet that includes a set of 21 questions to answer.


Know Your Goals and What You Need to Achieve Them

What is your ultimate goal for your marketing strategy?


• 60% lease-up before open?


• Fantastic attendance at grand opening events?


• Open a set number of properties for the year?


Whatever your goal, make sure you have the tools you need to succeed and measure that success. 


Whether that means Google Analytics to track website traffic, Facebook or Eventbrite for event reporting, or an email program like MailChimp to measure engagement, be sure you have a way to track the goals you've set for yourself. Knowing what is working and what isn't will allow you to test different methods or concepts so you can streamline your marketing approach in the future.


Don't Fix What Already Works

Social media is a given when you are planning any marketing strategy. It also gives you a lot of options when it comes to reaching your target audience.


Whether you're going for organic search, paid traffic, blog engagement, or Instagram followers, knowing what worked in the past is an excellent place to start when crafting your strategy.


Reinforce Your Goals with Actionable Content

Remember those goals we mentioned earlier? If you want a slam dunk with your marketing, make it crystal clear to your audience what you want them to do.


Want them to schedule a tour? Include a link to register at the end of your blog or social post with a CTA (Call to Action). Want them to come to your grand opening event? Share a sneak peek video with a link to the event registration and ask them to bring a friend. 


Have a website that answers all their questions

Each property should have a dedicated mobile-friendly website. Especially in the real estate space, you want it to be visually compelling, SEO friendly, have an FAQ section, and perhaps even a chatbot to streamline the process of scheduling tours and to answer potential leasing questions.


We know what you're thinking: it all sounds so simple, but it's not! Coming up with a strategy and content calendar that will allow you to knock it out of the park this year DOES take time, but the more you can get ahead of it, the more effective it will be.


Looking for an easy reference guide to keep track of what we just discussed? Download a FREE copy of our ebook Build a Strong Foundation with a 3-phase marketing strategy and let us know if Imagewërks can help with a FREE 1-Hour Brainstorming session.


Build a Strong Foundation with a 3-phase marketing strategy eBook download


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