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4 Simple Steps to Get Your Emails Safelisted


We've previously talked about the importance of creating excellent email content.

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Topics: senior living, marketing strategy, email marketing

Promos that Won't Break the Bank

Let's be honest—how many of us have kept that cool pen we used at the bank, or still use the letter opener that we received from our financial advisor?

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Topics: promotion, property development, financial

How To Pick The Right Marketing Channels To Get Your Business Noticed

There are so many different marketing strategies online right now, as online social media and marketing channels diversify, that you've got to try and find the right one that works for you.

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Topics: digital marketing, content strategy, digital marketing tactics

Customer Service 101 For Retail


There is nothing worse than having to call customer service for a problem.

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Topics: customer service, consumer behavior, retail

Using Informed Delivery to Fundraise


When you order something online from consumer retailers, you know EXACTLY when your item will arrive at your door with email or app notifications.

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Topics: direct mail, USPS, nonprofit

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