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How to Market Remotely


Now more than ever, marketers and sales professionals alike are finding new and creative ways to meet with clients remotely.

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Topics: digital marketing, senior living, direct mail, property development, email marketing

The Best Time to Send An Email


Whether you're reaching out to investors or potential leasers, keeping the line of communication open without getting lost in the clutter can be a challenge.

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Topics: digital marketing tactics, property development, email marketing

Create a Complete Marketing Strategy in 2020


New decade, new you — right? As you set out to market your new and existing properties this year, let's go over what strategies will garner you the best success in 2020 and beyond.

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Topics: Market strategy, marketing metrics, property development

Spice Up Your Next Event with Launch Room


When it comes to promoting an upcoming event, it's easy to fall into a design rut.

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Topics: Market strategy, property development, Developers

Make an Unforgettable First Impression


We tend to form opinions about people the instant we meet them, and this holds for potential homeowners as well.

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Topics: Market strategy, property development, Developers

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