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How to Rebrand Without Losing Your SEO Ranking, Part 1

Rebranding your company is an exciting process that can be a huge boost for brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business. However, rebranding can be a minefield for SEO missteps, and is the root cause of one of the most common mistakes businesses make on their website.

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Rebrands of 2016: Best, Worst, and Most “Meh.”

Rebranding can be essential for a company to stay competitive in an evolving marketplace, but it's not without its dangers. Get it right, and you can extend your audience and reinvigorate the interest of longtime customers. Get it wrong, and you might alienate even your most loyal customers.

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All Hands on Deck: 7 Tips for Scaling Content Production

The rule of thumb for content marketing is generally the more, the better. However, there comes a point where quantity becomes a liability rather than an asset. Follow these seven tips to effectively scale up your content development plans.

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Topics: branding, brand strategy, Content marketing

The Art of Brand Consistency

Successful brands aren’t built in a day; they’re built every day. We’ve seen our share of small businesses dilute their brand by not establishing their style and branding standards. Here’s a few tips to keep your brand strong and steady.

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Instagram Introduces New Tools for Marketers

Good news, marketers! Instagram is making it easier to advertise. They’re now developing features to make marketing on Instagram similar to Facebook, whose suite of advertising tools and insights have become the gold standard of social marketing.

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