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Tips to Reduce Website Bounce Rates

Posted by Imagewërks on June 4, 2018 at 10:00 AM


In order to get website visitors into your sales funnel, you want low website bounce rates.

When your bounce rates are too high, there is likely something wrong in your strategy. Either you are not attracting the right visitor, or you are failing to provide a good user experience.

Website visitors can bounce from your site by clicking on a link to a new site, clicking the back button, closing an open window, or typing a new URL. Most websites will see bounce rates between 26-70 percent.


What exactly does that metric mean when it comes to web analytics?

It really depends on the objective of your page. Some websites are purely informational. In that case, the user finds what he/she wants and leaves. They bounced, yes, but they got what they wanted (contact information, for example), and so did you (a lead).

The objective of the majority, though, is to get consumers to stick around on the page and spend money. You want the chance to convert them. In order to get website visitors into your sales funnel, you want low bounce rates.

If you are perplexed by your website having a high bounce rate, deep dive into your Google Analytics. Look into the behavior insights of your website visitors by reviewing which content attracts page views and on the other hand, which content doesn't.


Consider what you could do to change the content with low views. Could you reduce text? Make your content easier to read/skimmable? Can they tell at first glance what you are trying to say? Do visuals encourage exploration?

Reasons Why Website Visitors Leave A Site:


  • Bad website design (too busy)
  • Unclear navigation
  • No clear and compelling call-to-action (Where do I go? What do I do?)
  • Grammatical errors or typos (why should they trust you when you can’t even bother to run spellcheck?)
  • A page that is loading painfully slooooow (studies show that people give up after only 4 seconds)
  • Misleading title tag
  • Content isn’t skimmable/easy to read 
  • Content isn’t relevant
  • Content isn’t truthful (lose 10 lbs just by reading this!!)
  • The design isn’t mobile friendly
  • The user finds what he/she wants and leaves (in this case, it’s not a bad thing—purely informational pages will likely have higher bounce rates.) 


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