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Tips for Converting Phone Leads into Tours

Posted by Lindsay Valenty on November 20, 2019 at 10:45 AM


We've mentioned in the past that when it comes to lead generation, you shouldn't discredit the "old school" way of doing it.


Using the telephone is a great way to not only warm up cold leads but get them in the door of your properties. Let's look at some of the things you should consider when looking to convert.


Grab the Important Info Right Away

Once you get them on the phone, make sure to take down and confirm vital information right away in case you get disconnected. This information should include: 


• their name

• phone number

• location (if relevant)


Having this information handy will not only help as you hopefully progress them down the sales funnel, but shows the prospect that you care enough to follow up.


Utilize the Right People

When working with sales leads, especially prospective leasers, you want to ensure that your A-Team is on it. You want to make sure that you have someone who can answer all of a renter's questions be their first point of contact.


90% of the time, you will be getting asked the same questions, but the rare 10% of the time that something new gets brought up, make sure to write it down for future conversations or other sales team members.


Get Your Head in the Game

You can instantly tell when someone is annoyed on the phone — you don't have to see their face to know that they would rather be doing anything else than talking to you. 


Make sure before you call that you've put yourself in the right mindset: sit up straight, have everything you need in front of you, grab a caffeinated beverage if you need it, and smile. We know it sounds silly, but that positivity comes through, even on the phone.


Ask and Schedule a Visit

Instead of waiting for your lead to take the next step, help them get set up. Every time you are on the phone, you should have a calendar in front of you, whether this is in a CRM or other option, so you can get your lead what they need without them having to wait.


A surprising number of prospects don't take the next step simply because no one asked. Make sure that you aren't making this critical error and see what you can do to get them to visit your community on a day and time that works with their schedule.


Treat Them Like Family

When you speak to a prospect, bear in mind that they are looking to make a potentially permanent and often stressful transition. Ensure that you treat them with understanding and compassion as you answer their questions and tell them about your campus.


People are more likely to respond to someone who is understanding than someone who is just trying to close a deal. Engage them as you would a family member: ask how they are, what their needs are, what drew them to your property. Knowing what someone is looking for will help you explain how your community can address what matters to them most.


Side Note: AI is Your Friend

We can't work 24/7 — most communities don't have sales associates working past your standard 9-5 schedule. That said, online methods of lead generation — such as AI chatbots — make sense if you're looking to answer potential leasers questions when you aren't in the office.


More than 80% of prospects start their apartment searches online before narrowing down their search to only a handful of properties. Having a way to answer some of their questions should help you rise to the top of the list.


By utilizing the power of digital chatbots and the personal touch of the phone, your leads should garner you the returns you're looking for and ensure a busy tour schedule.


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