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4 MVPs You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

Posted by Molly Geipel on May 2, 2016 at 9:12 AM

A strong content marketing program can be as effective as a large sales team in producing qualified leads for your company, but a poorly-executed strategy will be nothing more than digital deadweight. To produce a substantive program of content capable of lead gen heavy lifting, you need a talented and savvy content marketing team.


Depending on the size of the company, content marketing teams can range from 1-100+ people. We don’t recommend trying to make one person wear all the hats necessary to generate content for your company, but you don’t need 100 people, either. There are really only a handful of roles essential to a winning content marketing team.


Team Captain: The Manager

Like any indomitable team, your content marketing team needs a strategic brain at the helm. The content marketing manager is responsible for guiding all content production with a visionary framework for long-term content strategy. They integrate timely, value-add subject matter with brand voice and messaging to create an editorial calendar that supports big-picture business goals.


A skilled manager is the foundation of any strong content marketing team. You can trust that in their hands, your content will be expertly calibrated to resonate with your target audience, enhancing relationships with current customers and providing value that generates leads for your sales team to convert into new business.


Dream Team Player 1: The Writer

Once the strategy is in place, you need a strong writer to translate brand messaging into compelling, interesting content that connects with your audience. Without a good writer on your team to execute your ideas, your content strategy will gather dust on the shelf of “Would’ve Been Great” ideas.


Each piece of content you publish has a tall order. It must establish personality and communicate values, cultivate relationships with potential customers, provide value to your readers, AND be a pleasure to consume. If any one of those pieces is missing, you’re falling short of your full content marketing potential. So, yeah. You kinda need a decent wordsmith on your team.


Dream Team Player 2: The Designer

Publishing blog posts that are just one long stream of text is handicapping your content. Online readers respond better to content formatted with plenty of line breaks and embellished with engaging imagery that communicates a visual reflection of the message.


Design is a critical component for attracting an audience. The inclusion of strong graphic elements makes your content inherently more shareable across social media. Whether your chosen social platform is Twitter or Pinterest, you should be including visuals every time you publish a new piece of content.


The writer and the designer are packaged as the Dream Team because the strongest content marketing marries the written and visual message into a single piece of content to produce serious viral potential.


Coach: The Analyst

The content marketing process isn’t over after you hit “publish.” Even with a great team, not everything you create will hit exactly the right notes with your audience. A strong content marketing strategy is one that constantly recalibrates and adjusts based on how content is received. 


Going off instinct or general impressions won’t suffice; you need a data guru to generate measurable insights that assess the performance of your content marketing efforts. You may think something’s working well on social media, but it takes crunching the numbers and tracking the data to know for sure.


The analyst is the coach for content marketing team, providing objective feedback about your performance. If you’re not getting the results you hoped for, head back to the drawing board. Start from the data and develop a new approach. Content marketing essentially boils down to data-based experimentation. Ideate, create, publish, analyze, repeat. When you have a competent, well-oiled team, it should move like clockwork.


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