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Taking Insurance Lead Generation Online and Beyond

Posted by John Libby on March 2, 2021 at 10:00 AM


Gone are the days of door-to-door meetings with potential customers.


It's a new age for insurance marketing, and you must stay current with the trends and technology—or get left in the dust.


Today we'll go over some of the older methods of lead generation that were tried & true and how you can convert them into the digital space.


Old Model: Print Ads & Outdoor Advertising

While there is something to be said for the high visibility of billboard ads and bus stop benches, how do you measure the success of your investments?


Short answer: you can't.


Current Model: Paid Search Ads & Display Advertising

When you're looking for something—whether that's a new place to eat or where the nearest dog park is to you—the first place you go is to a search engine.


So do your potential and current customers.


Utilize this knowledge to your advantage by setting up search engine ads that target people within a specific area, audience, or interest group. You can run a variety of search engine ads with keywords that work best with your insurance offerings to increase your chances of popping up whenever someone searches for what YOU offer.


The best part? Actionable data. How people found you, what they searched for, which ads they clicked on and how many people received your ad.


Need another reason? According to Dialogtech, 78% of insurance consumers call a business after searching online.


Old Model: Purchasing Lead Lists

We're not telling you to stop purchasing lists entirely, but at the end of the day, how many of those leads work for you?


Instead of spending money on an extensive list of leads, hoping that they will be in your area and have working emails or phone numbers, why not spend that money on something that works?


Current Model: Lead Generation Advertising

There are lots of ways that you can generate leads online: leads of people who are actively interested in what you're selling.


Whether these come from Lead Gen ads on LinkedIn or Google, using digital marketing to warm-up leads makes more sense than cold calling.


We know that this sounds like a lot of work—you're not wrong. That's where Imagewërks Marketing comes in.


Our in-house team has decades of branding, web development, and insurance industry expertise. Let us show you how to revolutionize your business with digitally automated lead generation.


From digital setup and design to detailed data reports, our Insurance Marketing program delivers everything your team needs to be more efficient and effective at closing new business. All in one time-saving, budget-friendly package.


Let's talk about how to automate your lead generation. Learn more about our Insurance Marketing programs and packages, or schedule a call with John Libby, our Insurance Industry Insider today.


Insurance Marketing - How does it work?


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