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Power Up Your Social Commerce Strategy With These 4 Pinterest Features

Posted by Jamie Korf on August 30, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Pinterest has recently announced a flurry of new ecommerce features that can be major sales tools for online retailers. We’ll walk you through these updates and what they mean for marketing your business.

Long known as the handcrafted catalog of curated inspiration, Pinterest is making it easier than ever to turn that inspiration into action by allowing brands to sell directly within the platform. Here are four critical ways you can leverage these new features as an ecommerce retailer.


1. Buyable Pins=Built-in Commerce

Originally available only through Apple products, Pinterest has expanded its buyable pins across all platforms. A buyable pin, indicated with a blue price tag, allows Pinners to buy directly from Pinterest without being redirected to a retailer website. It gives visibility into an item’s price, colors, sizes and quantity.

If a user is on the hunt for a new jacket. They enter their criteria in the search bar (i.e., fall dark denim jacket), collapse the results in the “Buyable Pins” category at the top, filter by price or other traits, and add it to their shopping bag. They even have the ability to compare the color choices in the Pin itself.

For those who are looking but aren’t quite ready to commit to a purchase, there’s a Shop category to view the latest in buyable pins, or the Shop Our Picks categories to access Pinterest’s featured buyable pins. To view all buyable pins from a particular retailers, users can click the Shop Pins button on the retailer’s profile.

The platform has partnered with 20,000 merchants to bring more than 50 million unique products to Pinterest, so expect to see a lot more of these blue price buttons surface in search results, related pins, and retailer profiles.


2. Identify Items in a Pin(ch)

Visual search is a camera-search technology that enables users to highlight a portion of an image to search for visually similar pins, reducing the need for questions like “Where’d you get those shoes??”

A photo including multiple items will bring up a few dots which users can then use to explore similar products. To further refine the search, a user can re-size the image boxes. This automatic object detection elevates Pinterest’s role in the buyer’s journey, capturing the initial awareness stage.

For most e-commerce brands, it’s a challenge to measure the moments in which a consumer is likely to make a last-minute purchase based on something they’ve seen IRL, giving brick-and-mortar stores the instant advantage. Tapping into those micro-moments is not only a win for business, it’s a giant leap for the online shopping experience.


3. The All-Platform, Anytime Shopping Bag

Pinterest’s getting a brand new shopping bag. And better yet, one that has the ability to follow you across devices and sites.

The bag will allow users to click on and collect items that span the web before settling up on a check-out page. Like Amazon, a user can add different products from multiple sellers in one order. You’ll only need to enter your checkout information once - after that, you’re just two taps away from placing your order. The shopping bag is a key differentiator in the social media space

This type of convenience not only makes it easier for consumers to buy from brands, it single-handedly simplifies the online buying experience altogether, leveling the playing field for marketers everywhere.


4. Revamped Merchant Profiles

New merchant profiles featuring buyable pins will provide users with customized product recommendations that fit their tastes, making it easier - and quicker! - to find new items, what’s popular, and what’s on sale.

Pinterest has taken a holistic approach to the online shopping sphere, from early moments of inspiration all the way to purchase and in-stores sales. According to a recent report, 55% of Pinners shop for products on the platform, practically eclipsing competitors like Facebook (who comes in at (12%) and Twitter (9%).

The numbers prove that Pinners are moving away from a “pin it and forget it” mentality to an actively searching state of mind, placing Pinterest users further down the marketing funnel. These updates give your business the opportunity to be fully available the moment an impulse purchase strikes.

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