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New Faces: Jen Simmet & Jessie Conley Join the Imagewerks Team

Posted by Molly Geipel on June 26, 2017 at 9:00 AM

This spring, Imagewerks welcomed two new faces to the team: Jen Simmet, our new Marketing Specialist, keeps the wheels spinning on our in-house marketing efforts. Digital Project Manager Jessie Conley comes on board to help manage our ever-growing digital workload. 


Jessie Conley

At an age when most kids were lucky to put on two matching socks in the morning and bring the right binder to history class, Jessie was working in a store called Totally Organized. That job must have set a course for her career, because she’s still earning a living by keeping things organized, trading in closet shelves for project timelines.


What attracted you to being a project manager?

I like organization and working with a variety of people, which this job allows me to do. I also enjoy seeing things through from start to finish. I find it rewarding. Lastly, I’m constantly learning in this role, which is good because knowledge is power!


What keeps you going strong throughout the work day?

A mix of coffee and music.


Where could we find you on a Friday night?

I’m usually spending the evening at home with my husband, two kids (Regan 3, Charlie 5 months) and my 5 year old lab, Lou. Date nights usually take me to Stillwater or Northeast Minneapolis.


Where do you live, and what’s your favorite thing about it?

I live in Shoreview. My favorite things about Shoreview are the walking/running/biking trails in the area. It’s a beautiful suburb that isn’t too far from the Twin Cities.  


What are you bringing to Beer Thirty?*

Indeed Shenanigans


Jen Simmet

If we’re looking for career predictions in a person’s first job, Jen’s gig as a front desk receptionist at a gym must have taught her a thing or two about maintaining a sunny disposition and fielding requests from all directions. Although her sunny disposition could also be a direct result of the fact that she has the best commute in the office: “Two lefts and three rights to get to work.”


What do you enjoy about being a marketing specialist?

I love working with the full scope of marketing campaigns and figuring out how each piece will work together to reach our goal. Getting the opportunity to do that for two brands (Imagewerks and Streamworks, our parent company) was especially appealing.


What keeps you going strong throughout the workday?

A steady stream of caffeine (coffee & Diet Coke) and the occasional headphones jam session.


Where do you live, and what’s your favorite thing about it (other than the commute!)?

I currently reside in Blaine, Minnesota. I fell in love with our current home’s windows – our living room makes it feel like you’re practically outside.


What’s the best thing about Minnesota?

Getting to experience all four seasons, along with our bevy of lakes, breweries, and amazing local restaurants.


What are you bringing to Beer Thirty?*

Summit EPA or Stella.


*Beer Thirty: A sacred time when the Imagewerks team gathers on Friday afternoons to share our favorite brews and cheers to the weekend.



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