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Next Level Marketing: Generation Z

Posted by Imagewërks on June 4, 2015 at 3:19 PM

With social, digital and marketing trends evolving faster than ever, it’s important to keep your sales-savvy eye on what’s coming next. And what’s coming next is BIG. Think 25 percent of the United States’ population big. What’s coming next is Generation Z.


Generation Z is a grouping of individuals born from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s whose mindset, influences and spending habits are much different than the often-considered Millennial generation.


While it may be hard to fully grasp the magnitude of this post-Millennial wave of youth, what’s not hard is dreaming on the economic impact made by where, when, how and why they choose to spend their money. Currently having an average allowance of $16.90 on hand ($44 billion annually), Gen Zers are already influencing the economy.


Can you imagine the future benefit of mastering this market three, five, or 10 years down the road? We can. Let’s look at the next generation, what makes it unique and what you can do to prepare your business for its arrival.


Tech Savvy
Never having lived a day without the Internet as a part of their lives, Generation Z utilizes technology as a given in life, not an added feature. They are flocking to applications like Snapchat and WhatsApp for communicating, relying on YouTube for research assignments and storing their lives on the cloud.


Growing with mobile advances in smart phones, watches and glasses, Generation Z will continue to blur the lines between technology and reality. If you’re behind on the times when it comes to the platforms through which you communicate, you should start making a change, for what was considered a key differentiator to Millennials is the new “normal” to tech-savvy Gen Zers.


Perfectly Imperfect
Unlike Millennials, who respond to beauty and the quest to obtain the ideal image, Generation Z is focused less on perfection. Feel free to stop, take a breath and reread that statement. It’s a whole new approach to marketing and it may be shocking.


It also could very well be the single biggest change you must embrace in order to succeed with Generation Z. They live in the present, not in the perfect. They relate to and value honest, genuine realness, which might be a simple, yet profound marketing direction you need to consider.


Constantly Social
What once meant “activities with others” and was in total opposition to any form of seclusion, has taken on new meaning and is simply life for Gen Zers. Taking advantage of mobile technology and social trends by carefully crafting targeted, well-rounded campaigns that scream transparency and authenticity will be key.


Continually engaging with Generation Z via social media and being in constant conversation with them across several networks will solidify your relevancy, attract future employees, and promote your product. When catering to a generation that is always “on”, your business needs to be as well.


Image Driven
Unlike their text-consuming predecessors, Generation Z responds to images. In a time when swiping photos left or right depending on initial appeal has the potential to alter lives, you can’t under-think the graphics you use and the meaning behind them.


Willing to Work
While Millennials in the workplace have more or less had an expectation of what they deserve, Generation Z is prepared to work hard for what they want and value partner-esque relationships as opposed to a producer-consumer or employer-employee model.


Many have seen recent economic times negatively affect their families in the form of under-, multiple-, or unemployment. With Gen Zers valuing entrepreneurialism, ingenuity and self-made success, marketers and employers alike need to appeal to those looking to take charge, make change and take over.


Is Generation Z Part of Your Strategy?

Use our buyer persona worksheet to help bring this target audience into clear focus.


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