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Creeping on the Competition: A Brief Guide to Competitive Analysis

Posted by Jamie Korf on February 8, 2016 at 10:41 AM

The abundance and immediacy of information on the Internet demands we pay ever more attention to our competitors. Unleash your inner Sherlock by adding these tools to your digital marketing arsenal.


Often cited as the leader in online competitive intelligence, SimilarWeb collects, indexes, and harnesses user behavior data. Through the company’s browser plug-ins, it provides detailed insights on traffic sources, conversions, keywords, and high-performing content that help websites drive traffic. Its visual, user-friendly dashboard provides users with a top-down view of your competitors’ traffic, giving you a leg up on planning out your content marketing and traffic strategies.

Google Alerts

Instead of tediously toggling from one competitor website to the next, Google Alerts streamlines the web search process for you. One of the better known monitoring tools, this easy-to-use tool delivers reports right to your email. Create alerts that include your competitors’ names and relevant keywords, identify your preferred update frequency, and then wait for Google to automatically fire off an email every time those search terms are mentioned.

Social Mention

This free service goes beyond the scope of an automated web search and pulls data from over one hundred social media networks, blogs and forums. Social Mention aggregates and analyzes mentions in real time across the social media landscape. Track and measure the social prominence of your competitors through four major categories: brand strength, sentiment, passion, and reach.


At the core of a successful competitive analysis is knowing which content is reaping the most success for your competitors. With this platform, users can unearth the top-rated content on different social media platforms within a given niche or industry based on share and link volume. Its content analysis capabilities extend to viewing backlinks, filtering by content type, setting up content alerts, and conducting domain comparisons. As a built-in bonus, it helps with curating your own content strategy and fostering reader loyalty.

Competitive analysis should be regimented as a component of your overall online monitoring process. While there is certainly no one-size-fits-all approach for content marketing, gaining actionable insights from your competitors will help you improve your strategies and identify your own niche in the market.

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