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eCorner Market is a powerful digital marketing platform that helps you compete against Big Box retailers without spending big money. eCorner Market is designed for small to mid-sized independent grocery owners like you and created and supported by experts in digital marketing and grocery—a unique combination. Meet your customers where they are and bring them to your store with eCorner Market.

Why do I need digital marketing?

Look at your current customers—what do you notice? Many of them are using their mobile phones in the store. These are your shoppers—and every day, more of them rely on digital tools. eCorner Market delivers a robust website and savvy digital marketing strategies that go beyond your weekly circulars. Reach customers 24/7 with info about your specials, events, recipes and more.

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How does it work?

Using sophisticated (and affordable!) digital tools, eCorner Market actively identifies and targets the people you most want to reach. Our experienced digital marketers build your web presence with customer segmentation and tracking capabilities that engage your customers—and those of your competitors. Strategic, timely digital advertising entices shoppers with tailored messaging that gets them in the door and keeps them coming back.

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How much does it cost?

With lean profit margins and increasing competitive pressures, every marketing dollar counts. For a surprisingly affordable per-store monthly fee, eCorner Market creates your responsive website and associated high-powered digital marketing campaign. No big, upfront investment required. You’ll find that a small portion of your existing marketing budget goes a long way with eCorner Market.

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