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Drive Quality Leads With Quality Content

Posted by Imagewërks on October 21, 2015 at 3:26 PM

Conversations about senior housing are changing. Today’s seniors aren’t satisfied with settling for the status quo; they want more out of their retirement lifestyle and they know how to find it—online.


Over 90% of seniors are now regular Internet users, and half are using social media. You may be used to relying on an in-person tour to seal the deal, but unless you make a good impression online, you won’t even get a chance to make your pitch.

Communities that thrive in this new reality forge meaningful online connections which transition into real-world deals and empower seniors with the resources they seek to make informed decisions. In short, they are communities that master content marketing.


Content marketing is the art of creating high-quality content that provides value to potential customers while leading them further along your sales funnel. Implementing an effective content marketing strategy is the secret to raising awareness about your community and connecting with prospective residents. It accomplishes this in four primary ways: 


1. Voice

First and foremost, consistent content generation gives your brand a voice. Conveying your community’s personality through content marketing lets people know your community before making the commitment to visit—and when they do, it will feel like “coming home”. Many people will rule your community out with the click of a button, but content marketing is your opportunity to make the genuine, validating connections you’re used to forming in person.


2. Authority

Publishing quality content demonstrates your authority as a care provider. Use blog posts or online video to show people that you’re not just talk—you have the expertise and resources to deliver the exceptional care that everyone is looking for. If you can convince prospective residents that you truly provide excellent care, they’ll be more likely to trust that you’ll take good care of them.


3. Education

Many misconceptions about senior living communities still persist despite the progress that’s been made. Since most communities have been slow to adopt content marketing strategies, they’re left without a voice to speak up for themselves. You can set your voice apart by creating a content marketing strategy that preempts common objections with demonstrated value.


4. Audience

While seniors are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, their adult children are technology mavens—and in many cases play a crucial role in the decision-making process regarding their parents’ housing and care. They will extensivly researching every community their parent is considering, so you should be prepared to win them over with compelling, informative content that communicates exactly what your community offers.

Adopting a content marketing strategy not only helps raise online awareness and strengthen your brand’s voice, but it demonstrates your unique understanding of your audience’s concerns and the answers they are looking for. 

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