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Changes in Senior Marketing: Reflections on the LeadingAge National Expo

Posted by Imagewërks on November 30, 2015 at 5:35 PM

Looking back on this month’s LeadingAge Expo in Boston, it’s clear the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Demographics are changing, expectations are increasing, and new opportunities are emerging. The way communities engage and respond to these changes will shape the industry for years to come.


As a marketing agency, we’re especially sensitive to how culture and communication are impacting our country’s healthcare and aging services. We embrace these changes and seek out ways our client’s can connect with the evolving needs of their audiences. After attending the LeadingAge Expo, one critical theme in this process rose above all others.



The shear number of providers in the health and senior services industry has exploded in recent years. This explosion has coincided with the increased volume of information that consumers have access to through search and social networks.


With such a crowded landscape the challenge for brands becomes discoverability, and credibility. Communities and organizations must be far more proactive in how they market and promote their services. This means developing content to answer the questions your audience faces, and demonstrating how your services satisfy their needs.


Fulfilling these criteria is the foundation of a good SEO and content marketing strategy. Developing quality content and getting it to those who can benefit the most from it is the key to effective digital marketing. We help businesses every day to better leverage their expertise and make a strong, consistent impression online. Is your brand up to the challenge?


We’re offering a free 1-hour digital marketing assessment to help you find new opportunities and equip your brand for online success. Just sign up at the link below and we’ll take care of the rest!

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