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Capture New Donors by Re-Engaging Lost Website Visitors

Posted by Imagewërks on October 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM


Everyone has a website but is yours growing your donor base? How many donation opportunities are you missing by not re-engaging valuable visitors that leave your website?


Today, there are an overwhelming number of vendors who want to fix this problem but only specialize in one area of marketing. 

Shift your fundraising to the next level with our single-vendor solution: Prospect Engine.

Prospect Engine creates pathways to convert website visitors and determine the best re-engagement strategy. Driving lost website visitors back into your prospective-donor funnel, generating leads and in the end, driving more donations.

With Prospect Engine, you can drive traffic to your website, track who is visiting and identify valuable data and behavior insights.

With these data-driven insights, you can creative relevant messaging targeted to prospective donors and re-engage them online and offline.

Targeted and consistent messaging, combined with a better-qualified audience, generates more new donors from your website. Which means, the right people are receiving the right message at the right time – and your website is truly helping you increase fundraising, no matter what your cause is.

To help clarify, let’s walk through an example. Let’s say your non-profit organization is dedicated to providing homes for the homeless.

Anna is looking for an organization to donate to but wants to explore her options. As she surfs the web, she looks at organizations whose mission statement is to help families in need. She finds your website during her search and clicks your link, but ends up leaving your site.

Prospect Engine has identified Anna as a potential donor and will re-engage her through digital marketing tactics. For example, as she browses other sites, reminder messages and sponsored social media posts appear in her feed reminding her how much she really likes your cause.

A few days later after she receives reminders via digital tactics, Anna opens her mailbox to find an appeal letter that details your story and the impact you can make with the help of donations. 

According to DMA’s 2017 Response Rate Report direct mail continues to earn its place in today's marketing mix,


"Direct mail continues to provide the best response rate. The cost per acquisition rate is higher than other channels, but in the end it is worth it."

By analyzing online and offline data, Prospect Engine learns more about your donors with each engagement. This provides you with the insights you need to refine your marketing strategy, increase the quality of your leads and get a higher return on your ad spend.

Define who your ideal donor is so you can find more like them with our Buyer Persona Worksheet.

Imagewerks Marketing Buyer Persona Questionnaire Download link


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