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Invisible Design and the Hospitality of User Experience

Posted by iwmadmin on September 24, 2015 at 9:46 AM

Nobody likes being sold. We all have needs to satisfy, but we want it on our own terms. Anything less feels manipulative, or insincere at best. The best user experiences anticipate our needs, provide a clear path for getting them met, then get out of the way.


In this way, the most effective design is essentially invisible. It guides the user towards an end without calling attention to itself. Like a hotel concierge, it’s there to ensure the guest has a pleasant stay, and provides quality information when necessary. Designmodo just put together some great examples of invisible design from across the web that help demonstrate.


This principle applies to every facet of brand communication. Websites, emails, social media, direct mail… No matter the form, your content should all be serving the same goal of providing users the quickest route to the right information with the best experience along the way.


When viewed in this lens, no matter your industry, your brand is in the hospitality business. You want to make sure your customers are happy and comfortable so they stay longer, spend more money, and tell their friends about their experience.


This recent article from HOW Magazine shows the way thoughtful user experience design translates into all effective marketing. By making it as enjoyable as possible for someone to perform your desired action, you reduce friction in your conversion path and increase your repeat business.


“User experience begins with grabbing someone’s attention in the right way, so they click on a banner, or pick up a brochure or respond well to a billboard. Afterward, it’s a matter of keeping their attention and ensuring that they feel their expectations have been met and they’re getting the experience they wanted”


At Imagewërks, we understand this relationship and put it into practice for our clients every day. No matter what the challenge, it all starts with our brand brainstorm. We sit down and dissect exactly what experiences brands can and should provide, then get down to making it happen.

Ready to get started? Put your thinking cap on, and together we’ll design the engaging experiences to keep your customers coming back for more!
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