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Forgo the Fold. Bet Big.

Posted by iwmadmin on July 9, 2015 at 2:05 PM


That’s right. Forgo it! It’s done, it’s over. Fo-getta-bout-it!

Don’t know what it is in the first place? It’s called THE FOLD, a popular term used to describe all content first seen on a website without scrolling down. Once a staple reference in digital advertising, the fold is now an afterthought and the subject of much-needed education.

As we mentioned, back in the day, the fold was used to describe all content first seen on a website without scrolling down. Kind of like all of the information, pictures and headlines you see on the front of a folded newspaper. Clever, right? Anyways, it used to be quite the rage. Marketers focused on it, taught on it, and profited from it. By applying their theory of digital thinking, marketers and industry experts structured websites to get all necessary information above the fold. Luckily for them, clients agreed on the importance of getting as much above the fold as needed/possible. And (un)luckily for you, some now need education on why it no longer matters. Circle of life, right?

Just as we are starting to see user experience evolve into something fundamentally important, bordering on common sense, so too did scrolling technology evolve and its burden cease. Theoretically. Consider this both a history lesson and a glimpse into the future, for there may come a day when a client asks for “x,y, and z” to appear “above the fold”. And what can you now tell them? That’s right; “fo-getta-bout-it!”

Well, not just that. THAT will get you fired or at the very least an unhappy customer. Instead, maybe throw the previously stated poker-related analogy at them.

Forgo the Fold. Bet Big.

Why Big?

  1. Websites are bigger and longer than ever. And people expect to scroll. It’s become second nature. Speaking of betting, I bet ¼ of you scrolled this entire page to see how much, if any, of your time you would commit to it. Well, if you’re still with us, thanks!
  2. It’s easier to go big than ever before. Because scrolling is easier than ever. From tablets and phones where a simple fold and unfold of your finger constitutes a scroll – taking you anywhere on a page ­– to mice with built-in scroll wheels and instinctively magical Apple pads, there is literally no excuse. It’s really, really easy.
  3. Websites can tell BIG stories. You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Well can you guess what’s worth more? 1,001 actual words. And when those words can literally mean what you want, rather than relying on an interpretation of a picture, they are all the more valuable. Take advantage of website real estate by using words, pictures and videos in tandem with excellent design and effective page layout, to tell a story. You wouldn’t want ALL of the relevant information of a story right in the introduction of a book, would you? Neither do web readers. Facts are good, but they’re never loved and invested in as much as stories are.

Hopefully this has given you everything you need to win big

Thanks for clicking and (more importantly) scrolling.

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