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Tips for Crisis Communication

Don't Panic! Three Tips for Effective Crisis Communication

Posted by iwmadmin on August 14, 2015 at 3:17 PM

Every organization is bound to have a mishap along their way. Whether it’s human error, an act of nature, a technical malfunction, or simply bad luck, having a communication plan during this stressful time is crucial for the integrity of your business.


A crisis communication plan informs all stakeholders of the situation and reassures that your organization will implement all measures to correct this wrong and prevent it in the future.

After seeing the highs and lows of several clients, we’ve put together some key features of effective crisis communication plans:


  • Transparency is mandatory: In an age where information can be viewed by millions at the push of a button, organizations have no option but to be transparent. In your crisis plan, there should be no contingencies that allow hiding information, unless it is threatening or illegal to share.


  • Who will be your spokesperson? In order for the message to remain consistent, designated spokespeople need to be established for the organization before a situation arises. Inconsistent information in a crisis can lose more credibility than the situation itself.


  • Consider your audience: Think about who was truly affected by this decision. Address each audience in a personalized manner. For example, be sure to tailor your message to address your employees differently than how you address external stakeholders.


These tips will help start you off in the right direction when creating or updating your organization’s crisis communication plan. Remember that there is no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to crisis communication.

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