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Grow Sales By Re-Engaging Lost Website Visitors

Posted by Imagewërks on May 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM


Digital marketing today is an age of information sharing, user-centered design, and real time tracking and analytics. 


You could randomly cast a digital net and hope for a bite, but that approach isn’t nearly as successful as what you could accomplish through a targeted digital marketing strategy.


Enter Prospect Engine.  


Prospect Engine is a tool created by Imagewërks Marketing for organizations to create the most value from their digital marketing spend, by using data and behavior insights to re-engage valuable lost website visitors. The inspiration behind Prospect Engine is the desire to simplify this sometimes-complex process by helping businesses take advantage of the best digital tactics without needing an army of vendors to get the job done.


Prospect Engine is geared towards mid-size businesses who want to better understand how to increase their return on investment from website and digital marketing tactics. It uses the attributes of a businesses’ best customers as the basis for digital targeting.


By driving a quality digital audience into a website and modeling their behaviors to find more consumers like them, the targeting becomes more and more refined over time. This, in turn, creates a more accurate approach to maximizing performance and boosting return on investment.


Targeted and consistent messaging, combined with a better-qualified audience, generates higher conversion rates from your website. Which means, the right people are receiving the right message at the right time – and your website is truly helping grow your sales, no matter what industry you’re in.


Visit here to learn more about how Prospect Engine can help you generate leads & grow sales.


Get the most out of your website.

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