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5 Ways Independent Grocers Compete with Big Box Stores

Posted by Imagewërks on April 15, 2019 at 1:30 PM

It’s no secret shopping has changed a lot over the past decade.

Today, more than 86% of consumers now start every shopping trip with their mobile phone. The days of clipping coupons and jotting down paper lists are disappearing. An instantaneous, always-at-your-fingertips consumer experience is no longer a luxury—it’s the expectation.

That means independent grocers need to start embracing digital marketing tactics to reach customers at home, in store and on the go. What if we told you there was a way to drive incremental sales by communicating the value your store brings to its customers using the same digital tactics big box stores use to grab market share?

Here are five tips for independent grocers.

1. Tell messages that matter:
It’s important to relay stories to your customers that matter to them. The world is filled with so many messages, it’s hard to compete with the clutter. Making your messages stick out is critical to marketing.

In regard to the grocery industry, you should be communicating your value propositions that brings customers to your store(s). Whether that is your service, quality, selection or convenience, be sure to let your customers know what they can expect to find at your store.

2. Target your messages:
You should target the specific messages mentioned above to different sub groups of your shoppers. See below to see how you should send messages to each group:

Digital and premium in-store shoppers: focus on messaging the devices of your in-store customers and your digital audience.

Competitions’ shoppers: message the devices of your competitors in-store shoppers.

Trade in-market shoppers: send your messages to the devices of those who have exhibited “in-market” digital behavior.

3. Deliver key messages:
In order to make your marketing successful, there are certain tactics you should use to deliver your key messages. You should focus on the following methods: geo-fencing, digital marketing, segmented re-messaging, look-alike modeling and dedicated email.

(TIP: If you’re not sure what some of these are, scroll to the end of this blog!)

4. Measure credible ROI:
While marketing is very important to a business, it always needs to bring back some type of return on investment (ROI) in order for companies to want to invest part of their budget into it. So, making sure you are tracking your spend and what kind of ROI you are getting from your marketing efforts is imperative.

5. Improve your website:
In today’s world, we are constantly on the move and constantly on our phones. Because of this, it’s absolutely critical your website is updated to a responsive mobile design.

This will help your customers have a better consumer experience with your brand through your site. On your site, it’s important to have a few things: eCommerce integration (if applicable), loyalty card programs, recipe integration and online ordering.

If this feels a little overwhelming or if you feel like it’d be hard to implement at your company, don’t worry—we’ve got you! At Imagewërks marketing, we have the perfect solution: eCorner Market.

eCorner Market allows grocers to maximize the impact of their brand, stay ahead of competition and drive incremental sales by reaching the right shopper at the right time.

Bringing together the strengths of responsive web design, digital ads, geo-fencing and look-alike modeling, eCorner Market is your all-in-one grocery marketing engine.

Contact us today to learn more about eCorner Market and how we can help you! 


eCorner Market - How does it work?


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