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5 LinkedIn Tips for Maximum Shareability

Posted by Jamie Korf on June 27, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Nearly every B2B brand has a presence on LinkedIn, but 43 of the 94 percent B2B marketers on the platform aren’t sure how to take advantage of its paid advertising options. Learn from these 5 tips from LinkedIn’s top-performing sponsored content from the last six months.


Just like the LinkedIn updates we’ve all come to know and love, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content promises to:

  • Drive traffic

  • Increase engagement; and

  • Bring qualified leads to your content


With the addition of a sponsored boost, your posts gain an extra push to extend their reach and longevity in the newsfeeds of new and current audiences. Crossing over to paid territory shouldn't be daunting, seriously. If you can manage Facebook ads, you can conquer anything and the results can really pay off.


From one B2B marketer to the next, here’s what you can learn and apply from using sponsored content to its fullest potential.

  1. Make it personal.
    The most shareable posts incorporate a first- and second-person approach, inviting readers to answer questions and weigh in on the featured content. We all want our voices to be heard, and the Internet is no exception. Though LinkedIn may be the professional cousin of the “Big Three,” being social is, after all, at the heart of a social network. So go ahead and give your posts a splash of personality.

    If you’re unsure how to address your audience, imagine having a conversation with a friend or business associate. What words or industry speak would you use? Test the waters using different types of questions and terminology in your posts, and pivot your campaign based on audience response.

    Try not to fall under the spell of poisonous jargon
    you’ll risk alienating your audience. It would be a pity to continuously pump out great content with abandon, only to give off a robotic impression.

  2. Share the stage. 
    It’s no secret that LinkedIn has largely become a publishing platform. Before February 2014, only significant figures like Bill Gates could publish original content. Now, the barrier of entry for producing original content is low, and many have seized the opportunity. That’s why it’s important to shake things up every now and then, and bring in a fresh perspective.

    Pairing your brand with the right mix of influencers and experts can yield social benefits and build massive brand loyalty. If these individuals are connected with your company, invite them to contribute a blog you can link to on LinkedIn, or ask them to write a piece straight from the platform.

    Connect with influencers outside of your company and gauge their interest in contributing a guest post, sharing your sponsored content, or opening a discussion up with your audience.

  3. Video is the future.
    Facebook has been on a collision course with Google for a while, so it’s no coincidence that uploading YouTube videos to the network usually leads to a less-than-stellar response. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has made major strides in making video a larger part of the experience.

    When you upload video content to YouTube or Vimeo and share the link in a post, your audience can hit play straight from the platform, no longer forcing them out of the feed to load a different page. Even better, LinkedIn has been testing auto-play videos, making it much easier to grab the attention of your followers and prospects as they scroll through their feeds. 

    This coupled with the fact that 52% of marketers see their video content pay offmeans it would be wise for your sponsored content strategy to include video ad formats.

  4. Get in on the action. 
    Given the ubiquity of social media and how often we rattle those two words off, it’s easy to lose sight of what it truly means from time to time but we’re here to remind you: it’s about being social (see: bullet #1). 

    It’s easy to get caught up being a strictly informational resource especially on a business-class platform like LinkedIn, but people use social networks to feel a connection with others, craving content that’s not only educational, but authentic and entertaining. 

    Remember, buyers are humans too, and humans have layerstheir appetite for content isn’t limited to business news. Spotlight your employees, give your followers a sneak peek into your operations, or document a company function.

  5. Don’t just create, curate. 
    Let’s be real: your brand can’t be the only brand who knows all-of-the-things. Exclusively producing all of your own content can unwittingly crown you as a brand snob over time. Remember that what helps your customer can help your brand, regardless of where the information came from.

    If you come upon an interesting piece of content that speaks to your follower’s interests, share it out. Consider sponsoring an update about it or link to it in a blog post. No one’s sitting on the other side, taking tally of how much your content is owned or shared. So long as your content is relevant, helpful, and interesting, your followers will thank you.

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