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3 Ways to Use Video for Insurance Marketing

Posted by John Libby on February 8, 2021 at 2:00 PM


We know the idea of creating videos can be daunting - but in today's world of remote marketing, it's a must.


The numbers don't lie:

• Video improves brand recognition by 139% and purchase intent by 97%.

• YouTube is the second highest search engine globally.

• 3/4 of video viewers will visit a business' website after watching one of their videos.


So how can you get started with your video strategy? There are a few simple steps to follow and some video formats that can help you not only break the ice and warm up leads but leave a lasting impression with future and current clients.


Come up with a plan and stick to it.

How often do you want to post? Once a month? Once a week? Consider what is feasible to you, your company, and your schedule as you put together a calendar of video ideas.


Once you know how often you want to publish videos, make sure you stick with it. There's nothing worse than starting something new and then petering out after two or three videos.


Smile and KISS for the camera.

No, we're not telling you to flirt with your clients - but you must make them feel engaged. This means looking at the camera as you record and using KISS for success: Keep It Short. Having a video last between 30-60 seconds should be your goal. Bear this in mind as you plan what you want to say.


Now that you have some basics, what sort of videos might make the most impact? Here are just a few ideas to consider.


"Who We Are"

If you're an independent agency that falls under the umbrella of a larger provider (such as State Farm, Farmers, etc.) or offers niche services to a select audience, letting your clients know who you are is imperative.


Accomplishing this could be as simple as a brief rundown of your agency, the people in it, and the services you provide with a call to action for them to visit your website to learn more.


Tips and Tricks

Humanizing your brand by not trying to sell every time you post a video shows that you care about your clients and what's important to them.


Offer helpful tips or things they should consider when looking for coverage:

• Appliance upkeep.

• Car maintenance for the changing seasons.

• Even questions to ask an insurance provider as you determine the type of coverage you need.


Q&A with an Agent

Ask your clients directly what sorts of questions they'd like answered. Engage with your followers on social media or fill out polls to see what kinds of questions they have when looking for insurance. Then have one of your agents address the question directly. Not only will this show that you care about helping your clients, but it can be a great resource moving forward with other marketing initiatives.


Looking for other social media ideas to help you gain leads with minimal effort? Learn more about our Insurance Marketing programs and packages.


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