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Understanding User Experience with Empathy

Decoding the consumer mindset is a continuous challenge for marketers. To crack this code, we need to attack it from the other end. Empathic design is a process to do just that. Here’s a five step model to get you started.

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Topics: UX, digital research, Web Design, user esperience

5 Benefits of White Space in UX Design

There’s no such thing as inner beauty on the internet. Your website has to be pleasing to the eye, or no one’s going to look at it. Leveraging white space in your user experience has many benefits, but we’ve got five to get you started.

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Topics: UX, Web Design, user esperience

The Psychology of UX Design

User experience design means creating mutually beneficial interactions between user and brand. You can create a beautiful product, but if it fails to drive results, you have not created a quality UX. So what are the defining traits of quality web UX?

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Topics: UX, marketing strategy, Web Design, user esperience

12 Days of UX-Mas

It’s that time of year again. That time when we reflect on all our relationships and encapsulate them with pounds of wrapping paper and fruit cake. It’s in this spirit that we’re taking a moment to contemplate our most cherished of relationships: that of brand and consumer.

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Topics: branding, marketing, UX, digital, lead generation, integrated marketing

Invisible Design and the Hospitality of User Experience

Nobody likes being sold. We all have needs to satisfy, but we want it on our own terms. Anything less feels manipulative, or insincere at best. The best user experiences anticipate our needs, provide a clear path for getting them met, then get out of the way.

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Topics: customer service, marketing, UX, hospitality

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