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The Social Network Navigator [infographic]

Not all social platforms are created equal. Each have their strengths, but you want the best investment for your brand. It’s tempting to jump on the next big thing, but it may not be a fit for your audience, or your objectives. Test the waters, then focus your efforts where you see the best results.

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Next Level Marketing: Generation Z

With social, digital and marketing trends evolving faster than ever, it’s important to keep your sales-savvy eye on what’s coming next. And what’s coming next is BIG. Think 25 percent of the United States’ population big. What’s coming next is Generation Z, a grouping of individuals born from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s whose mindset, influences and spending habits are much different than the often-considered Millennial generation. While it may be hard to fully grasp the magnitude of this post-Millennial wave of youth, what’s not hard is dreaming on the economic impact made by where, when, how and why they choose to spend their money. Currently having an average allowance of $16.90 on hand ($44 billion annually), Gen Zers are already influencing the economy. Can you imagine the future benefit of mastering this market three, five, or 10 years down the road? We can. Let’s look at the next generation, what makes it unique and what you can do to prepare your business for its arrival.

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