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A New Digital Frontier for Stratis Industries

Leading manufacturer of custom architecural wall panels and ergonomic office  furniture, Stratis Industries entrusted us to take their company to new heights with a complete corporate rebrand. We were happy to oblige.

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At a Neighborhood Near "U": The Denn & Elysian Apartments!

Imagewerks is proud to present our latest branding and web design project for two off-campus housing options at a neighborhood near U: The Denn and Elysian Apartments!

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Topics: branding, responsive website

Now Launching: Laguna Apartments!

Imagewërks is pleased to announce the launch of our latest branding and web design project for Laguna Apartments!

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Topics: branding, design, responsive website, CPM Companies, Laguna Apartments

Google's New Ranking for Mobile-Friendly Websites

In a day and age where relationships are more abstract than ever and where your best friend is someone you met on Candy Crush, it can be hard to decipher the transition from borderline friendly to downright serious. This could not be truer than your website’s rank with the mobile world. What we mean is that the giant search engine known as Google has refocused its mobile stance and given websites an ultimatum: change your responsiveness towards mobile viewers or suffer the search engine-related consequences!

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