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Content Marketing: Why Blogging is Good Business

Despite all the chatter, content marketing can be a hard sell because many people aren’t sure what it really is, much less what its benefits are. The former we can solve right here, right now: Content marketing is the creation of high-quality content with a marketing agenda.

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Next Level Marketing: Crowdfunding

In the past, raising money for a capital venture, promising idea, or personal passion required knowing a guy. Or at least knowing a guy who knew a guy. Luckily, over the last decade plus, that has all changed thanks to crowdfunding. A term used to describe the online networking and pooling of funds for a stated project or mission, crowdfunding can be readily observed on kickstarter.com, indiegogo.com, or crowdfunder.com amongst many other sites. Maybe you’ve already contributed to your favorite band who’s looking to fund their next label-less album, the local brewery trying to build a taproom and offering beer for life for a mere $1,000, a company looking for initial investors, or one of the many fantastic philanthropic options readily available. Crowdfunding is getting so big, that many now are calling it the next social media-esque craze. A more accurate proclamation is that it could very well be the next evolution of social media as we know it. Many are just now getting comfortable with social media as a means of marketing, advertising, and customer relationship building, but it’s best to stay ahead of the curve! Let’s take a look at the next level of marketing: crowdfunding.

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Forgo the Fold. Bet Big.


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