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4 MVPs You Need on Your Content Marketing Team

A strong content marketing program can be as effective as a large sales team in producing qualified leads for your company, but a poorly-executed strategy will be nothing more than digital deadweight. To produce a substantive program of content capable of lead gen heavy lifting, you need a talented and savvy content marketing team.

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Lead Generation in the Era of Content Marketing

Since the boom of content marketing, we’ve seen claims that lead generation is dead and marketers need new tactics for increasing revenue and boosting sales. That’s only half true.

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If Content is King, PR is Queen

Marketers often view PR and content marketing as two separate entities. Too often, it comes down to choosing between the control of 'owned media' and the credibility of ‘earned media,' but it doesn’t have to be all or none.

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Making Peace With Your Content Marketing

Content marketing remains a nebulous term to some, but its ability to grow business is undeniable. If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that content marketing is here to stay, and its early dismissal as another industry buzzword can be retracted.

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The 6 Qualities of Compelling Content

There’s no magic formula for attracting  readers or making your site ascend the rungs of search rankings. To build ranking and site traffic that drives results, you need to be publishing the right content for your audience.

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