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5 Qualities of Highly Effective Logos

If you’ve ever sat in on ad agency pitch, you’ve likely heard someone say, “Your logo is not your brand.” And that’s true. Your brand is the emotional perception of your company, its products and its services. Your brand lives out in the world, within the hearts and minds of consumers.

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Topics: branding, logo design, brand positioning

Authenticity and The Future of Branding

Brands today are much more than a single feature, benefit, or promise. The permeable lines between brand and consumer, media and advertising have extended the concept of brand to all facets of life. This wasn’t always the case. So how did we get here, and what does it mean for your business?

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Topics: brand strategy, brand positioning, brand promise

The Dinner Party Test: 5 Elements of Strong Brand Positioning

If you had to introduce your brand at a dinner party, what would you say? In an ideal world, you’ll leave your guests with a specific, favorable impression of who you are and what you’re about. But that can be easier said than done.

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Topics: brand strategy, brand positioning

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