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How to Rebrand Without Losing Your SEO Ranking, Part 1

Rebranding your company is an exciting process that can be a huge boost for brand awareness, customer loyalty, and business. However, rebranding can be a minefield for SEO missteps, and is the root cause of one of the most common mistakes businesses make on their website.

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Topics: branding, brand strategy, SEO, Rebranding

Conversational Commerce and the Brands That Are Doing it Right

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence technology, there’s a new wave of tools at the intersection of business and social messaging helping brands interact with customers in relevant, personal, and helpful ways - all at reduced cost.

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Topics: customer service, ecommerce, Chat bots, Artificial Intellegence, Chat Marketing

7 Core Principles of Responsive Web Design

If there’s one single thing that will make or break your online success, it’s responsive web design. Simply put, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to lose business. But don’t let responsive web design intimidate you. Follow these seven core principles of responsive web design to create a good mobile experience.

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Topics: design, digital, website design, website performance

Looking into the Crystal Ball: 7 SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Staying on top of what’s shaping the future of SEO is key to online success, and with its ability to transform at a breakneck pace, now’s the time to start prioritizing the latest best practices in SEO. 

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Topics: digital marketing, SEO, digital marketing tactics, Search marketing

7 Steps to Online Reputation Management in Senior Living

As older adults and their families spring to the internet to assess their senior living options, your online reputation can either help or hurt your opportunity to earn their business. Follow these steps to make the best impression you can.

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Topics: social media, senior living, content strategy, social media marketing

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