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A Little Wërk Goes A Long Way

Power Up Your Social Commerce Strategy With These 4 Pinterest Features

Pinterest has recently announced a flurry of new ecommerce features that can be major sales tools for online retailers. We’ll walk you through these updates and what they mean for marketing your business.

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Topics: social media, ecommerce, pinterest

Forest for the Trees: Finding the Content Metrics That Matter

As we head into the final quarter of 2016, it’s time to put together the numbers for the year. Choosing the right metrics to tell the story of your marketing can be a challenge. This guide will get you started with the metrics that matter.

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Topics: content marketing measurement, analytics, marketing metrics

Authenticity and The Future of Branding

Brands today are much more than a single feature, benefit, or promise. The permeable lines between brand and consumer, media and advertising have extended the concept of brand to all facets of life. This wasn’t always the case. So how did we get here, and what does it mean for your business?

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Topics: brand strategy, brand positioning, brand promise

Get More Impact From Your Content With These 5 Practices

Want your brand to make it in today’s content-fatigued culture? Your content needs a job: to serve an audience need, and fulfill an organizational goal. You can’t guarantee you’ll make it, but there are ways to get the most impact. Leverage your content in the right way by abiding these 5 tips

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Topics: social media, brand strategy, Content marketing

All Hands on Deck: 7 Tips for Scaling Content Production

The rule of thumb for content marketing is generally the more, the better. However, there comes a point where quantity becomes a liability rather than an asset. Follow these seven tips to effectively scale up your content development plans.

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Topics: branding, brand strategy, Content marketing

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